High Mast Lowering Devices

Carolina High mast has been the leader in lowering device technology in the Americas since 1996.


The CHM family of high mast lowering devices are to be used on any outdoor lighting application with a mounting height above 50' or as limited by availability of service equipment.  Typical uses include rail yards, ports, highways, water treatment plants and industrial yards.


The widest range of options including choice of latching (top or bottom), drive type (internal or external) and single or double ring units to support up to an industry leading 24 luminaires.  CHM offers an extensive array of standardized and highly customized lowering device units that meet some of the most stringent specification requirements in the world.  


Support choice of high mast (CLED, CLED2),  flood lighting (USLED, USR600, USR900) or combination of both luminaire types in either a polar (round) or asymmetric array.  Each lowering device is custom manufactured to ensure the flexibility required by each application.


Proven Design:

The Carolina High Mast line of products has been in continuous production since 1996 and current has over 45,000 lowering devices installed and operating around the world.  

Top Latching

Standard External Drive (Model C422)

Standard Internal Drive (Model C428)

Sports*Star Internal Drive (Model C528)

Sports*Star External Drive (Model C522)

Bottom Latching

Standard External Drive (Model C422)

Standard External Drive (Model C426)

Standard Internal Drive (Model C427)