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UltaSpot LED Flood Light

The UltaSpot LED family was designed to provide our customers with high quality and efficient lighting over an extremely large range of wattage and outputs. Based upon a modular architecture, the USLED can replace traditional HID luminaries from 400W to 2000W with crisp 4000K or 5000K light in choice of either 70 or 80CRI minimum.

The USLED introduces the highest level of glare control available in LED flood lighting to date. Rather than control the glare at the luminaire level with external visors or baffels, the USLED uses a unique optic holder that controls glare on the diode level. The highly effective glare control system was designed by CHM specifically for the sports lighting market.  Unlike competitive product that utilizes external visors or other methods of partial shielding, the USLED shields view of the glare source from all viewing angles.


Product Benefits

  • Sports Lighting
  • Apron Lighting
  • Architectural Lighting
  • Ports and other large scale outdoor applications

  • Up to 60% energy savings over traditional HID luminaires
  • Vastly reduced spill lighting
  • Standard diode level glare control
  • 320W replacement of traditional 1000W floods
  • 640W replacement of traditional 1500W
  • 960W replacement of traditional 2000W HID floods
  • Available in remote or integral driver
  • Available DMX compatibility
  • Designed and manufactured in Irving, TX 

Product Description

The UltaSpot LED is a high output, modular LED flood lighting luminaire. The USLED comes standard with integral glare control that eliminates direct view of the diode and optic in off axis viewing angles. The internal glare control creates a vast reduction in glare from the luminaires which improves the viewing experience for athletes, spectators and broadcast cameras. Available in 80CRI and 5000K, the USLED offers the highest standard in lighting quality necessary in modern sporting applications.

The USLED was designed to thermally isolate the LED drivers from the optic housing. The drivers are enclosed in a dedicated, heat sinking enclosure that vastly reduces operation temperature of the drivers, thereby vastly extending their useful life. Should failure occur, the USLED was designed such that no field hardwiring is necessary to service the luminaire. All serviceable parts are replaceable without any hardwiring and can be achieved with a simple wrench/ratchet.

The USLED is manufactured in Irving, Texas and is constructed of heavy duty cast aluminum. The system uses large cooling fins with greater fin to fin spacing to minimize the impact of fouling from environmental impact. The optic housing and driver housing are IP66 rated and include an IP67 rated breather vent to permit pressure equalization and minimize stress on sealing gaskets from heat cycling.


CHM Offers FREE Photometric Design Services

Sports lighting is a unique lighting challenge unlike any other type of lighting. Making the most of the UltaSpotLED requires knowledge or proper pole locations, mounting heights, beam selection and aiming strategy. CHM provides free, no obligation engineering support and lighting design to all of our current and future clients. The team of engineers at CHM has designed everything from local parks to professional NFL, MLB and MLS stadiums. Let our team of experts take your next sports lighting project to the next level! Contact your local agent or for additional details.


If you prefer to run your own lighting designs, contact CHM at for photometric files (.ies format)

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