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Lighting Products

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Condor LED High Mast Luminaire

Replace 400W to 1000W HID high mast luminaires with energy efficient and long lasting LED technology.  With a fully rotatable optic assembly, the CLED is one of the only true LED high mast offerings on the market today.

>> Condor LED High Mast






UltaSpot LED Flood Light

Replace 400W to 2000W HID flood lights with long lasting and energy efficient LED technology.  The USLED comes standard with the highest level of glare control technology on the market today making it the leading LED flood light option for sports, apron and area lighting.

>> UltaSpot LED Flood Light





Advanced HID Lighting Products



Condor High Mast Luminaire

The Condor is the highest output, most efficient HID high mast luminaire on the market.  Available in metal halide (MH), high pressure sodium (HPS) the CPS offers near LED energy savings at a HID price point.

>> Condor High Mast Luminaire






UltaSpot HID Flood

The UltaSpot is the most efficient HID luminaire on the market….period.  With an independently verified optical efficiency of over 90%, the 1000W USP offers head for head replacement of traditional 1500W sports lighting flood. 

>> UltaSpot HID Flood




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