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About Carolina High Mast

The only true "system" manufacturer in the country

Carolina High Mast is a division of Texas-based CHM Industries, Inc. Carolina High Mast was founded in 1996 as a high mast lowering device manufacturer. Over our nearly 20 year history, Carolina High Mast lowering devices have not only been utilized for a majority of the highways in the United States but also around the world from the Panama Canal to Abu Dhabi. In the late 1990s, the owners of Carolina High Mast created Keystone Industries to design and fabricate lighting towers. The 2004, CHM Sports was created offering a comprehensive line of UL Listed sports lighting systems. In 2005, all three companies were combined into the organization now known as CHM Industries. CHM Industries is the only US based manufacturer to build the entire lighting system including tower, lowering device and lighting fixture. 

Why Carolina when based in Texas?

Originally from the Philadelphia area, the founders of Carolina High Mast were searching for the right location to start a new high mast lowering device manufacturer. Initially, a location in the Carolinas was located and the name was created.  Just prior to founding the company, it was decided Texas offered a better potential for growth and expansion but the new Carolina High Mast stuck. 

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