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   Complete High-Mast System for
      Large, Outdoor Lighting Solutions

The new Condor High Mast Luminaire
was created to offer the most energy
efficient and reliable high mast luminaire
possible by modern materials,
components and science.

Carolina High Mast

The most widely used, dependable and complete high mast lighting system available

Carolina High Mast, a Division of CHM Industries, produces a complete high mast lighting system for illuminating large outdoor areas including highways, freight yards, ports, commercial parking lots, shopping centers, industrial plants, toll plazas, airports, power plants, parks and sports yards. Carolina High Mast designs, fabricates and warrants the entire system including the towers, lowering device and luminaire.

Carolina High Mast offers a complete line of high mast lowering devices including external drive, internal drive, bottom latching and top latching options. The lowering device system lowers the fixtures to ground level for relamping and maintenance without the need to expensive or cumbersome heavy equipment. 


Condor High Mast Luminaire

The most efficient high mast luminaire on the market

The objective was simple; create the most efficient high mast luminaire possible. The Condor High Mast Luminaire was developed from the ground up to support modern materials, design methodologies and components. With nearly twenty years on the market, Carolina High Mast knows the demands of high mast lighting clients and has developed the fixture to provide higher average light levels and better uniformity than available from any other product, regardless of light source. 


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